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Auto motor sport 9ff

The shape of the new front bumper owes just a little to the Nissan GT-R and will become 9ff's calling card now that it's getting wise to the lucrative market in aftermarket body kits for the 911.Sprint times are 0-100kmh in 3.6 seconds, 100-200kmh in 5.2 seconds and 200-300kmh in 10.4 seconds.Later, founder of the company Jan Fatthofer leads to 409 kph and this prototype defined the impetus for several cars more.

Hohenester also completely enclosed the cars underbody, added disc wheels (made to look like multi-spoke BBS versions) and stiffened and lowered the suspension.With such a result, the 9ff GT9 does not only becomes a member in the elitist 400kmh-Club, no, it even takes the first place and also breaks the new Vmax world record for road-going vehicles.The water-cooled 6-cylinder horizontally opposed engine with 4 litres cubic capacity and dry sump is equipped with two exhaust twin turbo chargers, titanium connecting rods, forged pistons and a 24 carat hard gold plated induction plate.

Porsche brought back the Speedster nameplate in 1989 and again in 1993 with limited-edition cars based on the Porsche 911 convertible, although both were flops on the showroom floor. In 2011 the 9ff GT9 set the sport record for quickest street-legal car in the planetary with a amphetamine of 409 kmh (256 mph).

But merely engine power is not enough for 9ff.And the second variation for left right exhausts systems for all other 997.As such, Fatthauer, who did his own driving, said it was dangerous to run above 225 mph.

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Ceramic auto motor discs measurement 380 mm (front) and 350 mm (back) are sandwiched by the front 6- and back 4-piston system. The thickset under-body case with its integrated back auto motor generates extra end product and renders constancy at mellow speeds.

How to make a supersports-car out of a sports car? 9ff demonstrates it with its new 9ff GTurbo850. Lightweight center-lock wheels shaving every essential auto leopard from the car's unsprung weight. All aftermarket parts secondhand must abide by with rigorous German credential laws, significant such things as sanctioned auto motor systems and catalytic converters. After a series of prototype 9F are ready to sell their record-breaking GT9-rFor example titanium connecting rods an extra strong forged pistons.However, only the many years of experience and competence from 9ff in the areas of development, construction and set-up of high-end engines make this engine power possible.

For a better auto system impression of the intercooler, the back fenders are equipt with air intakes.

But simply auto might is not adequate for 9ff. 9 Speed goes further, though, with a coupler sheet, skirt flared rocker-sill and rear diffuser, and the result gives a definition of the current 911 soft design.With this much additional energy delivered, has included designed a special aero Kit 9 a new front apron with LED indicators, side skirts and a rear apron (with variations for the Center mounted GT3 and GT3RS and a LeftRight configuration for the other 997 s).@ MDSTEWI think it is actually the Callaway Sledgehammer Twin Turbo C4.